General Catalog 2021-2022


 Executive Leadership
Dr. Steven A. Stargardter
Dr. Scott Burrus
Christine Anderson
Chief Financial Officer
 College Deans
Dr. Amanda Ziemendorf
Assistant Dean, College of Nursing and Health Sciences
Dr. Jennifer Billingsley 
Dean, College of Nursing and Health Sciences
Dr. Rebecca Wardlow
Dean, College of Education

Dr. Gregory Bradley

Dean, College of Business and Technology

 University Administration
Brandon Hughes 
Director of Academic Advising
Catalina Lopez, MLS 
Director of the Library
Chelsey Minkler 
Senior Director of Office of Field Experience
David Noriega 
Executive Director, Registrar Operations and Academic Compliance
Jennifer Robinson 
Vice President, Student Financial Services (AGI)

Liz Fernandez, JD
Vice President, Academic and Regulatory Operations

Ken Cook 
Director of Enrollment
Patricia Shelabarger 
Director, Student Accounts (AGI)