General Catalog 2021-2022

Non-Degree Seeking Students (NDS)

Applicants seeking admission as a non-degree student may not be required to undergo a formal admission process but must submit appropriate tuition payment, attest to completion of secondary education, complete an enrollment agreement, and provide proof of academic qualifications to enter the course(s) desired. Applicants seeking admission into graduate level courses must hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution or its equivalent and provide proof of academic qualifications to enter the course(s) desired. NDS students are not considered enrolled in any program or certificate and do not qualify for certain financial assistance (e.g., Title IV, MPP, etc.).

Admission as a NDS student does not guarantee or imply admission to a degree or certificate program. NDS students that decide to matriculate into a degree or certificate program must apply and follow the standard admission procedures, including providing official transcripts from all previously attended institutions. Any completed courses in non-degree seeking status will be reviewed for transferability into a USU degree program and the potential student should note that grades earned will impact the student's cumulative grade point average (CGPA).  All NDS students must comply with academic policies, including attendance, coursework completion, and withdrawal processes.   

NDS students may only complete a maximum of 30% of an undergraduate program measured in credit hours; and, up-to 6 credit hours in a certificate or at the graduate level as a NDS student.