General Catalog 2020-2021

Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics

12 Semester Credits / 1-2 Semesters / 4-8 Months

Delivery Mode: Online

The graduate certificate program in Business Analytics uses data and analytics to identify business opportunities, generate business insights and create business solutions. Companies are looking for skilled professionals who can work effectively in teams to frame key operational and strategic business questions and use data and analytics to find the answers.

Business analysts and the work they do power nearly every decision results-oriented businesses make today. These analysts work in the business’ core to model and plan operations, research and forecast trends. Understanding and applying these skills is crucial to the business’ success. The graduate certificate in Business Analytics teaches these essential skills.

The course covers the following: business intelligence tools, data/text/Web/Media mining, optimization, simulation, decision modeling, expert systems, SAS Visual Analytics, Business Intelligence (BI) Reports, Data Visualization for Problem Solving and other technologies for multidimensional analysis, basic Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) for BI, and SQL with OLAP extensions, conceptual architectures for Big Data Solutions along with big data technologies, stream and location-based Analytics.

The business analytics environment, including the kinds of software tools and data encountered in the marketplace, presents students with realistic scenarios and cases. Students review the history and issues, analyze the data, develop possible approaches, collaborate on teams to discuss alternatives, determine solution(s), and measure and evaluate the outcomes.

Completion Requirements

The certificate requires successful completion of a total of 12 semester credits. Students need to receive a grade of B or better in each course to receive the certificate. Students receiving a grade below a B would have to retake the course before credit would be given.

Curriculum Requirements

Core Requirements

BUA542Descriptive and Predictive – Analytical Decision-Making Tools I (BA)


BUA543Prescriptive Analytic Decision-Making Tools II (BA)


BUA546Big Data and Future Directions for Business Analytics (BA)


BUI541Decision Support Systems and Business Intelligence (BA) (IT)