General Catalog 2020-2021

Graduate Certificate in Finance

12 Semester Credits / 1-2 Semesters / 4-8 Months

Delivery Mode: Online

The graduate certificate in Finance provides essentials for corporate financial managers, as well as, best practices for those in entrepreneurial organizations and start-ups. The depth and richness of the certificate ensures that practitioners gain practical technical skills to performance financial analysis, interpret reporting, and comply with SEC, and align with FASB and GAAP. With technology and data playing an increasingly important role in business management and operations, the certificate also covers decision support systems with the opportunity for students to assess financial data through a range of analytical tools. Students will examine finance for corporate managers, entrepreneurs, commercial bankers, investment bankers, and those working in private equity firms, venture capital firms, as well as corporate venture investments. The certificate delivers a very practitioner based review and analysis of the many funding options for various types of industries and organizations.

Completion Requirements

The certificate requires successful completion of a total of 12 semester credits. Students need to receive a grade of B or better in each course to receive the certificate. Students receiving a grade below a B would have to retake the course before credit would be given.

Curriculum Requirements

Core Requirements

BUI541Decision Support Systems and Business Intelligence (BA) (IT)


FIN511Corporate Financial Accounting (FIN)


FIN512Finance Strategy and Valuation (FIN)


FIN514Entrepreneurial Finance (FIN)