General Catalog

Graduate Certificate in Human Resources

12 Semester Credits / 1-2 Semesters / 4-8 Months

Delivery Mode: Online

United States University’s Human Resource Management (HRM) graduate certificate is a combination of essential competencies organized to support the success of business leaders and managers. The learning design explores the critical relationship between HR strategy and business success. Each course provides both a conceptual framework for the rich content and practical application for today’s rapidly changing workplace.

Rooted in best practices and emerging trends, the program facilitates a deeper understanding of the value of attracting and retaining top talent, the importance of total compensation and reward programs, and the criticality of managing organizational behavior that fosters a collaborative, high performance culture.

Across the curriculum, students have the opportunity to identify ways to partner with organizational leadership to turn HRM concepts into innovative, implementable organizational strategy. The courses are designed to facilitate community learning through creative collaborative assignments, develop a deeper understanding and ways to work with an increasingly diverse, global workforce in a technology driven workplace.

Completion Requirements

The certificate requires successful completion of a total of 12 semester credits. Students need to receive a grade of B or better in each course to receive the certificate. Students receiving a grade below a B would have to retake the course before credit would be given.

Curriculum Requirements

Core Requirements

HRM502Attracting and Retaining Talent (HRM) (MGT)


HRM503Executive Seminar: Human Resources Trends and Emerging Practices (HRM)


HRM504Human Resource Analytics: Managing Total Rewards Compensation (HRM)


HRM505Human Resource Strategy and Leadership Decision-Making (HRM) (MGT)