General Catalog 2020-2021

How Financial Aid is Determined

The majority of financial aid funds are awarded based on “financial need.” Income and asset information provided on the Federal Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is evaluated using the Federal Methodology (FM) formula determined by the U.S. Congress. The results of this calculation provide each student/family with an Expected Family Contribution (EFC). This EFC is subtracted from the total cost of education at United States University to determine a student’s “need” for financial assistance.

Each year, the Financial Aid Department reviews the cost of attending United States University and develops budgets tailored to meet our student’s needs. These budgets, cost of attendance budgets, provide for a modest standard of living and include tuition, room and board/food, books, supplies, personal expenses, and required travel. The costs of attendance budgets provide average figures, using actual institutional charges with estimates for other expenses. Financial aid may not cover a student’s total need or cost of education.

After an applicant has been formally admitted to United States University and their financial aid file is complete, the Financial Aid Department will determine the financial aid award. The types and amounts of the awards are individually calculated based on a student’s financial need and the required resources needed to attend United States University.

Financial aid recipients should notify the Financial Aid Department of any changes in enrollment, or financial resources. Such changes may require a change in the amount of financial assistance.