General Catalog 2021-2022


The admissions process examines both the academic and personal qualifications of all applicants. The University aims to ensure that students accepted into its programs have the ability to benefit from and contribute to the integrated educational experience at the University. Admissions decisions are also based on the congruence of the applicant’s educational interests with the philosophy and purpose of the program to which they are applying. The University values a diverse academic community and is committed by purpose and obligated by law to serve all people on an equal and nondiscriminatory basis. Admissions’ decisions are made independent of need for financial aid.

In addition to the University application and admissions requirements, many degree and certificate programs have additional specific requirements described in the college and program sections of this catalog. Failure to follow the required procedures, provide all requested documentation, or declare all prior enrollments in post-secondary institutions may result in a delay in the application process, denial of admission, or dismissal from the University. The University reserves the right to verify the authenticity of any document through contact with the issuing source and/or a request for further documentation.