Federal Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Department provides assistance in applying for loans, grants, and scholarships. Financial Aid is intended to help students who, because of limited resources, would otherwise be unable to attend college, or who, with the aid, are able to take additional courses and graduate at an earlier date. The philosophy underlying administration of federally funded financial aid places primary responsibility for meeting educational costs on students and their families. As a result, most financial aid is available only to help fill the gap between students and/or families expected contribution and a student’s educational expenses.

Students considering applying for financial aid are urged to contact the financial aid department as eligibility for financial aid programs is very individualized. There are trained Financial Aid Officers available to assist students with questions regarding federal financial aid. The primary objective of the Financial Aid Department is to provide financial assistance to eligible students through coordination with and full use of all governmental, community, and on-campus resources.

Several types of financial assistance are available in the form of grants, loans, scholarships and payment plans to bridge the gap between educational expenses and personal financial resources. The Financial Aid Department will provide students with personalized attention throughout the application process.