College of Business and Technology

Dr. John Fulginiti
Assistant Professor and Program Director

College of Education

Dr. Joanna Simpson
Associate Professor and Program Director

College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Dr. Amber Carriveau
Director, Doctor of Nursing Practice
Dr. Danielle Cadenhead
Assistant Professor
Dr. Alicia Collins
Assistant FNP Director
Dr. Jessica Collinsworth
Assistant Professor
Dr. Tamika Dowling
Assistant Professor
Dr. Sheri Erwin
Assistant Professor
Dr. Gay Goss
Dr. Jo Anne Grunow
Professor and Director
Dr. Linda Haen
Assistant Professor 
Dr. Blessing Isiguzo
Assistant Professor
Dr. Yvette Lowery
Director, MSN Family Nurse Practitioner
Dr. Oluwaseun B. Ogunjimi
Assistant Professor
Dusty Pickering
FNP Immersion Faculty
Dr. Ashley Roussell
Assistant Professor
Dr. Donna Stachowicz
Assistant Professor
Georgia Strong
Assistant FNP Clinical Director
Amber Swartz
Assistant Professor
Dr. Kayla Worley
FNP Immersion Faculty

Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct faculty are appointed as a result of the depth and breadth of their professional experience and their commitment to higher education and student success. More faculty information, including educational and credential background is available here.