Welcome to Your DNP Practice Immersion Experience

The purpose of this handbook is to assist students and faculty members in oversight and assessment of the Practice Immersion Experience for the United States University (USU) College of Nursing and Health Sciences (CONHS) Doctor of Nursing Practice program. It also serves as a guide for the Office of Field Experience (OFE). Students, clinicians, and project mentors are required to read this handbook. All students must sign and return the acknowledgment form in this handbook to the OFE prior to starting their Practice Immersion experience (Appendix B).  

It is the intent of the CONHS DNP Program to assist in developing an excellent practice immersion experience for all students. This consistency revolves around appropriate oversight and assessment of students’ progression toward meeting the DNP Essentials and completion of their DNP Project. This is a collaborative process, and we look to each of you with your respective professional and life experiences to aid us in shaping your immersion experience so that it reflects our mission and goal of developing outstanding future doctorally prepared advanced practice nurses. While advisors and faculty are available to guide students with respect to the requirements, students ultimately bear the responsibility of following the requirements.

As a general rule, under the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), personally identifiable information may not be released from a student’s education records without his or her prior written consent. Please be prepared that you will be requested to verify your university's identifiable information.

***All communication with the College of Nursing and Health Sciences must be sent from a student’s United States University issued email address due to confidentiality, HIPAA, and FERPA restrictions. Please do not send emails from your personal email addresses. Please do not use texting as a method of communication. 

Notice: Please make sure you are referencing the latest edition of this handbook as policies are subject to change.