The University Supervisor

University Supervisors assist teacher credential candidates toward becoming professional educators.  University Supervisors also promote a mutual understanding between cooperating schools and the university to work together to train and prepare new teachers to the field of education.  For all concerned, University Supervisors are a key representative of United States University.

University Supervisors’ Roles and Responsibilities

  • Establishes a positive working relationship with the assigned teacher credential candidate.

  • Serves as liaison between the teacher credential candidate and the Cooperating Teacher.

  • Maintains open communication between school personnel, cooperating teacher, and the teacher credential candidate.

  • Monitors the quality of the match between the teacher credential candidate and the cooperating teacher.

  • Is responsive to the needs of the teacher credential candidate and cooperating  teacher.

  • Ensures that the teacher credential candidate has a full range of experiences within their classroom assignment.

  • Assists teacher credential candidates in the development of teaching skills.

  • Supports teacher credential candidates personally and professionally.

  • Provides regular constructive feedback, both oral and written.

  • Secures teacher credential candidate evaluations from the cooperating teacher.

  • Meets and instructs teacher credential candidates at the seminar sessions.

  • Records attendance and grades within the timelines required by the USU.

  • Evaluates the teacher credential candidate’s work and conducts formal evaluation observations.

  • Reviews evaluation observations with the teacher credential candidate and the cooperating teacher.