IRB Process Explained

As a doctoral degree-granting institution, USU values original research as well as applied projects (i.e., the practical application of research and evidence-based practice). The doctoral programs at USU teach skills commensurate with a doctoral degree, which include understanding issues related to human subjects in research. While you may not be conducting research for your project (e.g., quality improvement projects in the DNP program) or conducting research that does not include humans (e.g., systematic literature reviews in the DBA and EdD programs), there is an expectation that those who hold a DNP, DBA, or EdD will have the knowledge gained by going through an IRB process. Thus, experience with the IRB is built into every doctoral program at USU, and every doctoral candidate must have their project or study reviewed by the IRB prior to implementation to determine the appropriate level of oversight. You must receive instruction to proceed prior to implementing any doctoral project or conducting any research related to a dissertation.