Is the IRB Process Required?

Yes, the IRB process is required for all doctoral students. 


The determination as to whether you are conducting research or research with human subjects lies exclusively with the IRB. Candidates in the DNP program with experience conducting quality improvement (QI) projects where IRB approval is not standard because the activity is not research may question the need for the IRB to review their DNP Project proposal.


Similarly, candidates in the DBA and EdD programs conducting a Systematic Literature Review (SLR) or archival data analyses on de-identified data may question the need for IRB review because, while research, neither would be considered research with human subjects.


Regardless of your project or study details, you will complete an IRB Review Form (and supplemental material) and your chair will submit this to USU's IRB. You must wait for official instructions to proceed before implementing your project or study. Again, as someone pursuing a doctoral degree, it is important that you understand issues related to research with humans and the processes involved in protecting human subjects, whether you will be conducting a research study with humans or not.