Office of Field Experience

Students enrolled in CONHS programs that require field experiences will be assisted by the Office of Field Experience (OFE) to help secure appropriate Practice Immersion settings for completion of their practice immersion hours. The OFE is dedicated to partnering with students to secure placement and ensure Immersion compliance is met.

We have built a model that helps students remember the requirements in order to be successful, the PAC Model.

This model stands for Project Mentor, Agreement, Compliance (Appendix A). We remind students to ask themselves, "did I PAC for Immersion?" when preparing for their Immersion experience. Knowing the answer to the did you PAC for Immersion question will help determine if you understand and are prepared for the experience.

This handbook and your Practice Immersion/Clinical Placement Coordinator (CPC) will help you know how to complete each of these steps and your timelines to have the requirements completed.